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Goat Warehouse

About the Game

Full disclosure: I'd mostly thought out what I wanted for this game well before the jam, and even had some basic coding done. I picked it up as my jam project... well, because I couldn't think of anything new to do.

Goat Warehouse is a turn-based, cooperative game inspired by Robo Rally and Space Team. Three players work together on a limited time frame giving instructions to their three workers. The goal is to take as many goats as possible and move them to the warehouse bay doors.

Unfortunately, I bit off way more than I could chew with my nascent programming chops and well, it's barely done. The map is initialized, and the inputs all work, but the most of the pieces don't move like their supposed to. The goats are perpetually confused and don't want to move (maybe reminiscent of real-life goats, but that wasn't the design intention). It's impossible to even move a goat, let alone score it, but hey -- at least the timer works!

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