Uh.... wait, So.... too dumb... to... function.... going to...\n\nwait, [[wait what?]]\n[[Hold on|explode]]\n
You feel bee pride swell in your bee chest!\n\nYou. Are. BEE!\n\n[[Keep going with the pride!|explode]]\n\n[[OK, back to killing that other bee|straight ahead]]
Oh shit! \n\nIs that a bee?\n\nAHHHHHHH!!!! BEEEEEEEEE!!!!!\n\nEEEEEEEEEP!\n\n[[RUN AWAY!|run away]]\n[[Bee up and face the other bee!|straight ahead]]
<font color = "#000000">The Text Adventure</font>
EEERGGGG!\n\nYou HATE that other bee!\n\nThat other bee MOCKS YOU with it's BUZZING PRESENCE!\n\nHOW DARE THAT BEE MOCK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!\n\n[[Sting it!|Sting]]\n[[Ram it!|straight ahead]]
Welcome to \n\n<html><font size = 10.5em><i>Bee vs. Other Bee</i></font></html>\n\nBased on the "hit game"\n\n<html><font size = 10.5em><i>Bee vs. Other Bee</i></font></html>\n\n[[Bee Select]]
Bzzz!\n\nBzzzzzzz!\n\nBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!\n\nYou dish and dash and swish and swash and BZZ and FZZ and then, suddenly, OUT OF NOWHERE-\n\n[[Wait, what?|wait what?]]\n\n
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Over his dead bee-body, you see a portal open up. \n\nYou stare into the swirlling blue and pulple mass - \n\nDo you-\n\n[[Go into the portal|portal]]\n\n[[Stay away]]
CHHHHHAAAAARRRRRRGGGGEEEE!\n\nor, so you can understand it,:\n\nBBBBBBBUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!\n\n[[You sting him!|Sting]]\n\n[[You impale yourself upon the other bee's stinger!|PAIN!]]\n\n
You stop. \n\nWait? \n\nWhat is going on?\n\nWhat IS Bee?\n\nWhat IS other bee?\n\nor... or is it.....\n\nWHO is bee? and WHO is other bee?\n\nYou feel your bee mind begin to expand - thoughts tickle the edges of your known reality - somewhere, somewhere close you know there is something... ELSE. You are on the cusp - the cusp ... of....\n\n[[BEE!|explode]]\n\n[[BZZ!|BZZ!]]\n
The portal swirls and gets larger and larger-\n\nSuddenly a spike of blue lighting reaches out [[and|explode]]
You Bzzzzzz to the right, and you see that the other bee also dodges to the right. \n\nWell, technically, it's your right, so it would be the other bee's left.\n\nHow do bees tell left from right anyway?\n\nWait, do bees tell left from right? I mean, really, they're symetrical on either side, and they have no hands to be right or left handed now do they?\n\nYou're just veering side to side, you don't know what you're doing - all you know if there is another bee in front of you, and despite all your veering, bzzzzzing and bopping, that other bee isn't going anywhere until you take action!\n\nTake Action, Bee! Do what you're born to do!\n\n[[Charge Straight Ahead! To Bee!|straight ahead]]\n\n[[Take Action!|Action!]]\n\n[[BZZZZZZZZZZZ!|BZZ!]]\n\n[[Bee?|Bee? 1]]\n\n\n
You start to feel dizzy - \n\nWait, what are tear ducts? How do I know about this? Aren't I just a bee? \n\nWhat else is there, if not bee-dom? \n\nWhat else CAN I be, if not bee?\n\nYou look, you turn, you see a giant circle - with eyes! it must be a face! it blinks -.... Is that another creature?\n\nYes, yes it is! it's pulling it's red meat into a parted line and you see white-y yellow-ish squares - is that a ... smile?\n\nOh no, you suddenly realize that you are not bee - you are FAKE BEE CONTROLED BY A CIRCLE WITH EYES AND WHITE SQUARES\n\n[[Oh the humanity!|Start]]\n
Select your Bee!\n\n[[Bee!|Bee 1]]\n\n[[Bee!|Bee 2]]\n\n[[Bee!|Bee 3]]\n\n[[Bee!|Bee 4]]
<font color = "#000000">Bee vs. Other Bee</font>
<font color = "#000000">by Tenay!</font>
You charge to other bee!\n\n*SMACK*\n\nYou've squished yourself against a mirror.\n\n[[D'oh!|Start]]
You approch the other bee\n\n"bzzz" you say, "bzz my bee brother, for you see we are one bee - you and I - together, we are stronger than-"\n\nAH, MOTHER-FUCKER! HE STUNG ME!\n\n[[FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!|PAIN!]]
You look at the corpse of your new bee friend - \n\nYou feel a sort of sadness. \n\nThis bee - this "other" bee - was he not just yourself?\n\nYou ponder this as the sun goes down.\n\n[[End|Bee Select]]
You've chosen BEE!\n\nYou enter the arena - you see another bee!\n\nWhat do you do!\n\n\n[[Charge Straight Ahead! To Bee!|straight ahead]]\n\n[[Dodge Left!]]\n\n[[Dodge Right!]]\n\n[[Bee!|Bee! 1]]\n
You buzz out of the arena, and go find a flower.\n\nNice nice, pretty pretty flower.\n\nHow about we go home. Home to our hive. Our nice nice hive..\n\n.......\n\n[[Home]]
You fly into the portal\n\nand you're suddenly amongst a whole swarm of other bees. All of you are buzzing about, bumping into each other and the clear walls of the case you're confined in.\n\nYou rest in a corner, beside another bee.\n\n"What's going on?" You dance to the other bee.\n\nOther bee gives what serves as a bee shrug. "She's taken us all, and is displaying us."\n\n"Why?"\n\n"supposedly, it's take your bees to work day."\n\nThe swarm buzzes endlessly, as you are displayed and gawked at from 9am - 5pm.\n\n[[End|Start]]
Oh, the pain! the ouchy, ouchy, stingy-wingy, hurty-hurty PAIN!\n\nOh god why, WHY!? what kind of fucked up bee god would let this kind of pain exist in the world!?\n\nOk, take a deep bee-breath. Pain subsiding. It's ok. Your wings still work. You can flap. It's ok, you got this, you got this. Pain not so stingy anymore.\n\nYou look down and see the corpse of the other Bee\n\n[[Bee?|Bee? 4]]\n\n[[Other Bee?|Other Bee?]]
Yes! \n\nYou are a Bee! \n\nYou get to go head to head against another bee! \n\nWhat are you going to do!?\n\n[[Bee!|Bee! 2]]\n\n[[Bee?|Bee? 1]]\n\n[[Charge Straight Ahead! To Bee!|straight ahead]]\n\n
You stop.\n\nThat other bee... why, it could be you. because you are bee, and it is bee. Are you not, BOTH the same creature? Are you not BOTH bees?\n\nIf you both sting does it not, well, sting?\n\nIf you are hurt do you not both cry little bee tears?\n\n[[Bees don't have tear ducts|tear ducts]]\n[[Yes, we are bee brothers!|brothers]]
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OH FUCKING MOTHER OF HONEY - YOUR ASS!\n\nYOUR ASS IS GONE!\n\nYOUR ASS IS GONE!\n\nYOUR ASS IS GONEGonegonegone.....\n\nand the world goes [[BLACK|Start]]
* Boom! *\n\nYou explode.\n\n[[Too bad.|Start]]
<<if $bzzbee eq "yes">>\nDidn't you learn this lesson the last time?\n\n[[Nope!|Bee! 4]]\n[[Ok, fine! I'll swerve left!|Dodge Left!]]\n<<else>>Ok. Yup. Yup, you're definitely a bee. \n\nI'm really am glad that you've come into realization of this. \n\nAre you ready to get to the task we came here for? Or are you just going to BEE a pain in my ass?\n\n[[BEE!|Bee! 4]]\n\n[[Ok, fine! I'll swerve left!|Dodge Left!]]\n<<endif>>
You're really into being a bee, aren't you?\n\n[[Yes!|I am a bee!]]\n\n[[Bee!|Bee! 3]]
You've chosen BEE!\n\nYou enter the arena - you see another bee!\n\nWhat do you do!\n\n\n[[Charge Straight Ahead! To Bee!|straight ahead]]\n[[You Hesitate!|pause]]\n[[You Flee!|Flee!]]
You've chosen BEE!\n\nYou enter the arena - you see another bee!\n\nWhat do you do!\n\n\n\n[[Dodge Right!]]\n\n[[Flee, Bee, Flee!|Flee!]]\n\n[[Wait, where am I?|wait what?]]\n\n[[Bee!|Bee! 1]]\n\n\n\n
You've chosen BEE!\n\nYou enter the arena - you see another bee!\n\nWhat do you do!\n\n[[Fuck that other bee! I'm-a KICK ITS ASS!|straight ahead]]\n[[Dodge Left!]]
<<set $bzzbee = "yes">>That's it, fuck it. I'm squishing you myself.\n\n[[SQUISH!|Bee Select]]\n